The Saga Continues on Savage's Sacks

Red-shirt senior Tom Savage has been sacked a total of 15 times in the past two games. But Savage is not pointing the finger and admits the whole offense needs to improve.

Up until Virginia and Virginia Tech, Tom Savage had been sacked six times for 53-yards. In the last two games, that number has more than doubled to 15 sacks for 118-yards.

Savage, however, is not playing the blame game. "It's the ultimate team game, and pieces have to fall in place for a play to work," said Savage. "But my offensive line has been playing great, and obviously I need to work on getting the ball out of my hands."

While, Savage refuses to place the blame on his offensive line, it's clear the line has struggled in its past two match-ups.

Savage has also struggled. But it's a fine line on whether Savage should take the sack, or throw the ball away and risk his pass getting intercepted or getting tagged with an intentional grounding penalty. "You have to be prepared for the defense and go out knowing what they could do and anticipate where they might be," Savage said.

Like Savage, quarterbacks coach Brooks Bollinger could not agree more about the sacks being a team responsibility and not solely a question of his quarterback's ability.

Despite, the eight sacks in last Saturday's game against Virginia Tech, he's confident Savage can find success again.

"Savage showed me two things, he's not afraid to stare down the barrel and make some throws, and second he does have the ability to use his feet," said Bollinger. "There are times when he can make a play or escape to extend the play, and then there are times where you just have to take the sack. We just have to keep talking, learning and growing with him."

Savage will look to lead the offense in the right direction when they face an Old Dominion defense that is allowing an average of over 33 points a game.

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