Swanson Propels Team To Victory

Terry Swanson had a big weekend, starting off with a win on Friday night, then a trip to West Virginia on Saturday. He updates us on his season, as well as his recruitment.

Aliquippa running back Terry Swanson gave his team a big life in a 34-28 win over Beaver Falls on Friday. Swanson rushed for 169 yards, including touchdown runs of 34 and 58.

"I'll say this group has a lot of toughness," Swanson said. "I'm glad that we got this test early. Last year, we didn't get one until the state playoffs. This will be good, it will prepare us for the future. I think it helps a lot. Beaver Falls is a tough team, no doubt. I think we'll definitely see them again."

A controversial 58-yard touchdown run by Aliquippa running back Terry Swanson with five minutes left to play proved to be the difference. On its first play of that drive, with 5:34 left, Swanson found a hole. It appeared he was horse-collared on the play. As a result of the flag, Beaver Falls defenders stopped. Swanson landed on top of another player and knowing his knee wasn't down, kept going.

"I saw Sage (Curry) coming after me, so I knew I had to make him miss," Swanson said. "Once I got past him, I knew I could make everybody miss. I saw (Marcus Cleckley) coming after me. He horse-collared me, I stumbled, but I just kept on running.

Swanson says he didn't hear a whistle, but he did hear his coaches yelling at him to keep going.

"It was my leg and my hip on him. I pushed off him, and just kept running. You keep going through the play, until you hear a whistle."

Earlier in the game, Swanson cramped up and had to be helped off the field by one of his coaches. While it was their coaching that helped him continue on the play, he saw another side of coaching when he had to be helped off the field. One of his coaches picked him up, in a fireman's carry, to get him off the field. Swanson returned on the next play.

"I was just cramping up, a sore elbow," Swanson said."They care about us, and we care about them. It's all love. We're a family."

As for recruiting, Swanson says he's up to 15 offers, with a couple of recent ones. He went to West Virginia this pst weekend. With a playoff run now at hand, Swanson isn't sure when he will take other visits.

"The recent offers I have, I know there's about 15, but I now have New Hampshire and Appalachian State," Swanson said. "I went to West Virginia this weekend. I don't have any other (visits), but I know more are going to come."

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