Video Rundown: Rowell, Vinopal

Despite the loss, Pitt's offensive line has rebounded the last two weeks. The run game has averaged 200 yards a game in the last two games. The line has also given up three sacks in the last two games. On defense, Ray Vinopal says the defense simply has to get itself off the field, to get the ball back in the offense's hands.

It sounds simple, but wasn't as easy to do on Saturday.

Pitt was able to gain a 13-7 lead on Navy at halftime, large in part to possessing the ball for over 22 minutes in the first half. Navy entered the game averaging 17 rushing first downs per game. They had five in the first half, four of which came on their final drive of the half.

That was part of the game plan.

"That was what we wanted to do," center Artie Rowell said. "That was the key. I think that goes for any team. If you can put together long drives, it makes you tough to beat. We needed to do a better job of that in he he second half."

Defensively, Pitt gets set to face a similar test from another triple option attack, in the form of Georgia Tech. The plan, according to safety Ray Vinopal is simple--just get off the field, to get the ball back in the hands of the offense. The defense did well enough in the first half, but could not overcome three second half scoring drives that totaled 38 plays, 14:47 and 17 points.

"It starts to take a toll on you, mentally and physically," Vinopal said. "You can't concede to that. That's definitely going to be a big part of the defensive game plan."

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