Coach Speak: Jim Hueber

After a two-game slump, Pitt's offensive line group is back on track. Coach Jim Hueber is pleased to be back on track, but would like to see his group continue to progress. One challenge is facing multiple fronts with each remaining opponent.

Pitt's offensive line has improved over the last two games. Like everything else, though, it's still a process.

Pitt's offensive pattern, at least in terms of how the offensive line dictates the flow of the game, has been up and down.

In the first three games, where Pitt went 2-1, the run game averaged 184.3 yards a game and allowed two sacks per game.

A two-game stretch against Virginia and Virginia Tech is the low point of the season for the group. The Panthers allowed 15 total sacks in those two games, rushing for a combined 31 yards in 61 attempts.

But the group is back on track. In the last two games, Pitt has averaged 200.5 yards a game on the ground, allowing just three sacks.

Jim Hueber cautions it's still a work in progress, but is encouraged with his group' performance over the last two games.

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