Coach Speak: Matt House

Georgia Tech enters Saturday's game averaging 315.6 rushing yards a game. Pitt allowed 220 yards to Navy, the Midshipmen's second-lowest output of the season. Are there similarities in Georgia Tech's attack?

The thing most similar about Georgia Tech and Navy's approach to the triple-option attack is the use of the fullback.

"They are guys that can take runs, and take them the distance," defensive coordinator Matt House said. "They got three backs there, and [David Sims] is the guy that can split your defense the quickest."

It may not be your conventional fullback, but called a fullback by some because of his closeness to the line of scrimmage.

"They'll run veer schemes with him, trap schemes, straight dive schemes," House added. "But, it's not a conventional fullback. It's a big tailback."

For this game, Pitt will face David Sims (6-0, 225) and Zach Laskey (6-1, 214), the Ramblin' Wreck's primary fullbacks and primary rushers. Sims leads the way with 516 yards on the season, an average of 5.4 yards a carry. Laskey isn't far behind, 394 yards with an average of 6.5 yards a carry.

Here's more from House, on what to look for in dealing with Georgia Tech's triple-option.

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