Savage and Coordinators Talk Notre Dame

Pitt coordinators are looking forward to capitalizing on missed opportunities in previous weeks as ranked Notre Dame comes into PIttsburgh. While Savage is looking for a shot at redemption at home on the big stage.

Disappointment is the one word to describe how the Panthers felt after their most recent loss against Georgia Tech. Although, there are not many positives to take away from any loss, redshirt senior Tom Savage is optimistic heading into this Saturday's contest against Notre Dame. Savage pointed out the missed opportunities that the offense is looking to capitalize on this week.

Savage and the Panthers are looking forward to getting their second chance on the big stage this time against the Irish. According to Savage playing in front of a sold out crowd with standing room only, and against a Notre Dame team that once recruited him is "every quarterback's dream".

With last year's loss against Notre Dame looming over the Panthers, offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph, makes it clear that it has nothing to do with this Saturday's match-up. Rudolph describes it as "two unrelated events" but it can't stop the players from getting their own personal revenge. Rudolph knows these players don't need any reminders about who they're facing this Saturday night. But even with Rudolph's constant preaching of "treat the Irish game like every other game," doesn't stop the players from getting into the hype of the game.

"Notre Dame has great size up front and they obviously have great athleticism," said Rudolph. "They do a little more defensively where they pressure you a little bit more and show you a few different looks, and even more than they did last year. Those guys up front can make it happen, and they can sit in their base and play defense. They're just a good group of players."

"Tommy Reese is playing really, really good right now and he's throwing the ball really well," said defensive coordinator Matt House. "He played some last year, but we haven't seen as much from him."

The offensive line could be a difference maker for this Notre Dame team, one that House mentioned is comparable to Florida State's O-line. House is confident facing a Notre Dame style of offense because it's something this Panthers D has practiced more for, and instead can focus on pinning their ears back and going after a pocket passing quarterback.

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