Howe Enjoys Second Pitt Game

Kraig Howe was impressed with his first Pitt game earlier this season, where he saw the Panthers defeat New Mexico, and where he came away with an offer. Saturday's 28-21 win over Notre Dame didn't hurt things, either.

Pitt picked the right game to have its biggest recruit turnout of the season. In addition to several 2014 commits in attendance, a number of 2015 prospects were in attendance.

Kraig Howe, a defensive tackle from Kettering (OH) Archbishop Alter made the trip. It was his second visit to Pitt this year. The Panthers offered him two months ago, when he came in for the New Mexico game.

The atmosphere, watching Pitt hold off Notre Dame, was something that impressed the recruits in attendance.

"It was a great game, a great atmosphere," Howe said. "Heinz Field is a great place, because the Steelers play there, but for a college game, the crowd was really getting into it. The atmosphere was unbelievable, and it was a great win over a great team."

The trip was also a little bit easier this time, coming in for an 8 pm kickoff. Though he enjoyed his previous trip for Pitt's win over New Mexico, he enjoyed this trip a little more because it was a game on a national stage.

"This was nice to come in for a big game on the national stage," Howe said. ". I have a teammate who plays for Notre Dame, Malik Zaire. I didn't get to talk with him, but it was great to see him play.

"I love Pitt's style on defense. Of course, they made some mistakes. That happens, but I can really see myself fitting in. I haven't decided if that will be the interior line, or as an end. I have plenty of time to figure that out."

Howe also has early offers from Miami (OH) and Illinois. One thing that stands out about Pitt is the coaching staff.

"There's not one coach on this coaching staff that I don't like, or hasn't been great to me," Howe said. "Joe Rudolph has been great. I talk to him a lot. He's great to work with. He does a great job. This coaching staff wants to bring in guys who work hard, and guys they don't have to worry about getting in trouble. I like the recruits they're bringing in."

Coming back for a second game is only further proof.

"It's what brought me back for a second game," Howe said. "Even coming back for a second game, this is the school I've been to twice. What does that say? I like Pitt, and I can definitely see myself there."

Howe is still going, as he's helped his Archbishop Alter team to a 10-1 record this season, including a 35-21 win over Wyoming on Friday night. Up next, a matchup with Valley View this Friday night.

Howe isn't sure if there any other games he'll get to this season, with his team in a playoff run and basketball season not far off.

"We're still going, so I guess I'm doing something right," Howe said. "I'm not sure what other games I might get to. I'm hoping to talk to Vanderrbilt, and maybe get down there. Especially with basketball season coming up, I'm won't be able to take any visits until the spring."

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