Briggs Gets In-Home Visit

Dennis Briggs recaps high trip to the Pitt-Miami game, and his in-home visit on Sunday.

Dennis Briggs had a pretty Pitt-heavy weekend, following Thanksgiving.

It started with going to Heinz Field for the Pitt-Miami game. Despite the 41-31 loss to the Hurricanes, Briggs says even though it was a loss, there was a lot to be encouraged about.

"I think it was a really good season for Coach Chryst, for his efforts," Briggs said. "The fact he got them bowl-eligible, that was a positive.

"They got off to a really bad start against Miami, but they came on towards the end. Miami is a really good team, and they brought their 'A' game.

Pitt has two other commits in this 2014 recruiting class who are running backs, Chris James and Qadree Ollison. Those happened to be the guys Briggs hung out with the most, on Friday.

"I met some of the recruits, the other two backs Chris James and Qadree Ollison, we're all excited about it," Briggs said. "I sat with both of them at the game, I like both of them. I know JaQuan (Davidson), I'm close with Quinton Wirginis, because his school is right next door. Mike Grimm, I know him pretty well. And, it's not just guys in my class. Reggie Mitchell is my best friend. I'm comfortable going there."

Briggs also had head coach Paul Chryst and defensive coordinator Matt House over on Sunday for the official home visit. Since his commitment to Pitt came shortly after his offer, there wasn't much of a need to recruit Briggs some more. In fact, the visit was hardly about football.

"We didn't even talk about football, until someone brought up," Briggs said. "That's what a lot of their talk is all about that--football is just a piece of it. I think that's the biggest difference between Coach Chryst and other coaches. I can see how superficial coaches are. When Coach Chryst says something, he means it. He's everything I appreciate in a coach."

Briggs finished his 2013 season with 600 rushing yards, 12 total touchdowns. He was a first-team all-conference selection at running back, linebacker and kick returner. He will take his official visit on January 17.

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