Amara Likes Pitt's Direction

Pitt will look to use Patrick Amara's versatility when he gets to Pitt. He has played corner, linebacker and safety in his high school career at West Catholic.

Patrick Amara is coming in for his official visit to Pittsburgh on January 17. Even though he's been committed to the Panthers since June, the visit can't get here soon enough.

He compares Pitt a lot to his high school team, West Catholic. His school was on the verge of closing. His sophomore year could have been the last football season for his school. The school received an anonymous gift of $1 million. His school was saved. This past season, the Burrs went 9-2, advancing to the PIAA Class AA Quarterfinals.

Amara has played corner, safety and linebacker during his career. He looks back at how his school and his team battled through some tough times, and he compares it to how he and his future teammates have some obstacles to accomplish at the next level.

"My senior season, I got to enjoy the last moments with my senior class," Amara said. "My sophomore year we were on the verge of clsoing. We all stuck together. It's tough to get through that kind of thing, and we want to bring that to Pitt. We're going to stick together on and off the field."

Amara says he's even noticed that about the 2013 Pitt team, watching from afar. The Panthers went 6-6, using a lot of true freshmen as starters. A 6-6 record migh not create a lot of excitement, but it's the direction that pleases Amara. He cited Pitt's 41-31 loss to Miami as an example. Pitt didn't start off great, but they made it a reasonable score.

"The one thing I notice about them, is they fight to the last minute," Amara said. "The coaches, they are humble. They are more than father figures. Coach Chryst wants the best for you. They fight to the finish, they they give it their all.

"That inspires me. I've been going a lot of things to better myself, mentally and physically ready. I'm grateful for the opportunity Coach Chryst gave me. I want to make myself relevant."

Amara's chief recruiter if Jim Hueber. He says Hueber has stayed in contact with him throughout the season.

"He's a really funny guy, I love talking to him," Amara said. "I love talking to all the coaches. They've all been good to me."

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