Henry Chooses Mountaineers

Dravon Henry cited his relationship with defensive backs coach Tony Gibson as a factor in his commitment to the Mountaineers, as well as a feeling of being at home.

Dravon Henry hosted a press conference at the Aliquippa Municipal Building on Monday afternoon, where the four-star prospect would announce his college choice.

He narrowed his list of offers to five schools a couple weeks ago, between Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Miami, Maryland and Louisville.

He's saw all that he's needed to see, and he chose the Mountaineers.

"It's a tough call, but I have decided to attend West Virginia University," Henry said.

Henry held his press conference at the Aliquippa Borough Building, where he was introduced by Aliquippa mayor Dwan Walker. He delayed naming his school as long as he could, waiting for his mom to arrive. When she did, just a few minutes after he was introduced, he chose from three hats--Pitt, Miami and West Virginia--putting on the West Virginia hat when he made the announcement.

"This is a surprise to my mom," Henry said. "The best present I could give to her, is seeing her son go off to college."

He was recruited to West Virginia by defensive backs coach Tony Gibson, who he cited as a major factor in his recruitment.

"He'd call me, and we didn't even talk about football," Henry said. "It felt like home down there. The way Coach Gibson talked to me, I liked that. You know how you can tell when you make eye contact with someone? You can tell (with Gibson)."

He did consider Pittsburgh, where he was recruited by defensive coordinator Matt House. In recent years, several Aliquippa players such as Darrelle Revis, Jon Baldwin, Brandon Lindsey and Juantez Hollins, signed with Pittsburgh and became starters. Some contributed as freshmen. His commitment to West Virginia shakes up that trend a little bit.

Though she stated she wouldn't go into specifics about why her son didn't consider Pitt, Shannell Henry was not afraid to voice her opinion on why she hesitant about Pitt.

"It was all about my son," Henry said. "If you can get through to me, my questions are tough. I never told Dravon where I preferred him to go. I did want him to go to a school where I could look that coach in the eye, and tell he had my son's best interest. I didn't feel that way about Pitt. When I looked Coach Gibson in the eye, I feel like he was a family man. That's important to Dravon, his dad (Roland) and I.

"During my investigation--I call myself a little detective. I talked to a number of the athletes on defense, and offense. A lot of them did not like the way the program was set up."

Henry visited Revis in Tampa this past weekend. There was no pressure on Revis' part to go to Pitt. Instead, he offered some simple advice on the recruiting process as a whole.

"He said, 'when you feel you make that right decision, you feel the relief," Henry said.

Henry rushed for 1,242 yards and scored 26 total touchdowns. He was recruited for defense by all the colleges that offered him. He will look to see the field this year at corner.

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