Video: Paul Chryst Previews Bowling Green

Paul Chryst hasn't determined if he'll experiment with a different lineup, or maybe even give some other guys a start for this final game of the 2013 season. Pitt leaves for Detroit on Monday.

Paul Chryst takes the approach that it's good to take these extra bowl practices, and maybe take a look at some underclassmen. For starting some in the bowl game, that's still up for debate.

"You're not going to reinvent who you are as a team," Chryst said. "There is a time where you have to evaluate your opponent."

Just take for example Chad Voytik, a guy who will take over the reigns at quarterback next year. Chryst said he's been giving Voytik some additional reps over the last two weeks in practice. Whether he'll get in the game, that has yet to be determined.

"We'll see," Chryst said. "Chad's gotten a lot of the bowl prep. We'll see. We're not going to turn the page too soon."

In another case, there's Kevin Weatherspoon and Devin Street. Weatherspoon went down with an injury in the Miami game. Street was held from that Miami game. Chryst said Thursday that no definite answer has been determined in whether either or both will play.

"We'll see," Chryst said in the case of Street. "He's getting better every day."

Should either or both not be available for next Thursday's game, it is a prime opportunity for someone like Chris Wuestner or Ed Tinker to get a start, to see some additional reps.

In other cases, it's a chance to bump some of the true freshmen who qualified for redshirts this year, an actual look in gameplanning. Defensive coordinator Matt House said it's tough to evaluate players, scout team players in this case, when they are just that--scout team players. When you plug them in for game-planning purposes, to test their knowledge it's a bit different. House cited one example of a true freshman who has picked some things up.

"Justin Moody," House said. "Especially, when you plug him in with the two's, and he gets it."

Tyler Boyd gave some credit to another receiver, who's opened his eyes.

"Zach Challingsworth, he's running with the two's, he's making huge plays," Boyd said. "One drive, the whole drive was him. Titus [Howard], he doesn't cut any slack! and (Challingsworth) was still catching it."

Here's Chryst's full talk from Thursday:

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