Amara Talks Official Visit

Pitt got commits from Hezekiah Trahan and Jamal Davis during this past weekend's official visit. They also had players like Patrick Amara, now committed for over seven months. Did he and the other recruits have to push Davis and Trahan to commit? Or we're they planning on committing, anyway.

Patrick Amara got an extra bonus on his official visit, as his 2014 class grew to 24 commits. Jamal Davis and Hezekiah Trahan, also on their official visit, committed to the Panthers during the visit.

Amara said it wasn't a surprise that both committed on their visit, and also said there wasn't any peer pressure involved to get both players to jump on board.

"They came here with a mindset they were going to commit," Amara said. "We were just showing them the positives of the institution. It made added sense to their decision."

Amara is familiar with Trahan, who also hails from Philadelphia, a standout at Roman Catholic.

"I know him, I see him all the time," Amara added. "He's definitely more of a motor guy. He's a weak side defensive end."

He's been committed to Pitt since June. There's not too much more he needs to know about his future school, not much he needs to be sold on. The visit for him was more about getting a chance to hangout with other recruits in his class, meeting current players on the team and getting to visit with the coaches.

"It's all about meeting everybody, building relationships," Amara said. "These are the guys I'll be with for the next couple of years. This visit was also learning more about the campus. You can never learn enough about the campus.

"I got to hang out with everybody. I got to meet Quintin (Wirginis), Jamal, the new recruit, (Alex) Bookser. I also got to hang out with JaQuan (Davidson) and Tyler Boyd. It's pretty exciting."

With 24 commits in this class, Amara says is been pretty easy to get to know each other. He pointed out that even on Sunday, after the visit, the recruits constantly text each other. He says it's no a matter of social media having a presence--an easy way to stay in touch. He truly believes that the members of the recruiting class are of similar mindset, work ethic and personality.

"It's pretty easy to get along," Amara said. "Everybody has the same mentality, so it's easy to bond. We really click. I feel like I've known these guys for about five years."

Recruited by offensive line coach Jim Hueber, who recruits the Philadelphia area, Amara said he was able to spend time with him and the rest of the coaching staff. In fact, he pointed out that Pitt's coaching staff--in an era where there is a lot of coaching turnover from year to year--Amara likes the fact that in its third year as a staff, there's been little turnover.

"I came here because of all the coaches impact," Amara said. "I wouldn't expect them to leave while I'm here. I expect the same type of commitment to the coaches. We all respect everybody."

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