Wirginis All The More Comfortable With Pitt

Quintin Wirginis gets a first hand account of Pitt's program since he lives just minutes from campus. Seeing everything that's developed over the last few years he likes the direction things are heading under Paul Chryst.

Quintin Wirginis committed to Pittsburgh just a couple days after working out at a prospect camp, a couple days after receiving his offer.

One thing that's different for him from some other commits in his class, such as recent commits Jamal Davis and Hezekiah Trahan, is that Wirginis has seen first hand everything the Pitt program has gone through the last couple years.

One negative for local prospects, is seeing negativity--off the field incidents, coaching changes. A positive, is also getting an up front look at how a program can turn itself around. That's what he's seeing right now.

"My host was Zach Poker, a redshirt freshman linebacker, a super awesome guy," Wirginis said. "But in talking with a few other players, J.P. Holtz who I know real well, Adam Bisnowaty who I know real well, everybody is getting that winnig mentality. A lot of these guys know Pitt hasn't been playing well, but the guys they have now are developing that winning mentality."

On the official visit, Wirginis said he got to hang out with the other commits. Even though he's a local prospect, he says he's connected pretty well--even before the visit--wit the other commits who don't live in the area.

"I think going into it, I think I got along with a lot of recruits," Wirginis said. "We all knew each other. We went out with the players Friday night. We met with the Chancellor (Mark Nordenberg) on Saturday. The main thing, was just getting to hang out with the other recruits."

Another big part for Wirginis, simply sitting down with Jamal Davis--who committed during the visit--and meeting with linebackers coach Chris Haering. In fact, the coaches in general were a big part of the official visit.

"I think all along, Pitt as a lot to offer to their players," Wirginis said. "I was talking to Jamal Davis' mom, and she likes it here, that was even before Jamal committed. She likes what is going on. The coaches showed us a lot of hospitality."

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