First Word: Chryst Talks 2014 Class

There are many things consistent with each of these players. Among them, as Paul Chryst introduced them on Wednesday, were work ethic, multiple sport athletes. A significant number of them were camp offers, perhaps showing us one of the ultimate philosophies of this staff--offering prospects who do well at their camp.

One of the highlights of signing day is hearing the head coach speak these players names for the first time.

Now that we've gotten to know Paul Chryst for three years, we have learned he likes to run down the entire signing class, and add a comment on each player.

And as he usually does, here it is in alphabetical order.

Patrick Amara:"He's kind of been a leader throughout this class. Certainly a good football player, he will bring a lot."

Adam Bertke:"He comes from a successful program, multiple state championships. We really like who he is as a three-sport athlete."

Rori Blair:"He's the one guy in this class that has started working with our team right now. He's an exciting, sudden player. It's good to have him working with our guys."

Alex Bookser:"We got a guy that can be a heck of a player. Coach Haering knew a lot about Alex. He's been around as a player. His fax today, it was two years worth of work. We think he can add a lot to an offensive line."

Dennis Briggs:"A tremendous player who can fit in a lot of spots. Unbelievable work ethic. Contributor in a number of ways."

JaQuan Davidson:"Very athletic, we can start him at receiver. He made an impact at receiver. On defense, too. We're really excited to see what he can be."

Jamal Davis:"He's a guy we've been tracking for a year and a half. Coach House was the lead recruiter. We had a chance to really add to our group. This years class, last years class, it adds to it. It creates competition."

Connor Dintino:"He came to our camp. He was a heck of a wrestler in high school. He's great physically. All these guys, really good group of character guys, coming from the official visits. Connor is that. He attends a great prep school. Academics are important to him."

James Folston, Jr."A year ago, he was 170 pounds. Then, he kind of started hitting his stride. He's at 221 now. We think we have a heck of a football player in James. We think we got better at linebacker."

Michael Grimm:"He was one of the first players to commit in this class. He's fired up to be here. With him, Bookser, we can add to what we think is a pretty good group."

Mike Herndon:"Mike does a lot of things very well. First of all, he played middle linebacker, so that was impressive. He's an extremely hard worker."

Chris James:"He has the ability to be a physical runner, to open it up in the open field and run away from guys. We're truly excited about Chris. The more you get to know him, the more I'm looking forward to being around him."

Connor Hayes:"His dad played offensive line at Central Michigan. He's the smallest of the group, but I think he can play any one of the positions. I think we got three good linemen. We've got some depth. I feel like we got better at both (guard and tackle). We've got some good depth. I feel like we got better at both positions."

Adonis Jennings:"He's a special player. He has a chance to make an impact sooner than later. He's strong, powerful. He's a guy who truly I'm excited about coming here."

Avonte Maddox:"Both corners have the personalities you want or of your corners."

Phillipie Motley"His team had the best record the school has ever had. He also has one school-record in track. Everyone in his high school--from his principal on down--will tell you he's a special guy."

< b>Qadree Ollison:"Qadree, he came to summer camp, spent a whole day with us. We like the way he competes. He's a big back. He's very athletic for his size. This is already a group that is talented, and now a group that can get better. We got better today at running back."

Brian O'Neill:"We got a good group of tight ends. Adding Brian to it, I feel pretty good. Look at what he does on the basketball court-- 18 boards, 15 points and three good fouls the other night. It adds to what was already a pretty good group."

Shane Roy:"At camp, all these guys, we got a chance to work with them on the field. It was a great opportunity to work with them. Shane is a worker. He's a guy who will only get bigger."

Hezekiah Trahan:"They're all different, they all have their own story. When you're around Hez, he's extremely focused. He's a hard worker. Physically, he looks like what your ends to look like. He will be one of the hardest workers we have."

Jalen Williams:"With him and Patrick [Amara], we have a couple of those rangy type of safeties."

Quintin Wirginis:"We had him in camp, and also for the passing camp. We liked the way he moved when he competed. He may have been injured this season, but he was able to get back out there and play basketball. Seeing he way he competes, he's a really good player who is only going to work harder when he gets here."

Elijah Zeise:"Another guy we had in camp, a guy who loves to compete. We had a chance to see him play. Obviously, we're excited about this group. This is a group that will come in and add to this team."

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