Gordon Looks For His Chance

Pitt linebacker Shane Gordon started games in all four years of his Pitt career, finishing with a career-high 56 tackles as a senior.

Shane Gordon finished his Pitt career with 47 career games and 20 starts. Gordon made his first career start in his redshirt freshman year at Syracuse. He finished his career with 133 tackles, including a career-high 56 as a senior.

Gordon started at both middle linebacker and outside linebacker during his career, proving some versatility. Looking ahead to a possible NFL future, he says he's comfortable playing either.

"It doesn't matter, I'll play anything," Gordon said.

Gordon has spent the last two months training at Chris Chambers' training facility, The Chamber, in Davie, Florida. Not being invited to the NFL Combine, Gordon felt the extra need to prove himself at Pitt's Pro Day earlier this week.

It felt good with everything," a Gordon said. "I felt good running my forty, it felt smooth. I wasn't too tired running through drills, or anything. It felt like a good day, it felt good.

"My speed, I felt like I showed I can run. I was ready to do more drills, but it went kind of short. That's all right with me."

In addition to playing a significant number of games during all four years of his Pitt career, Gordon says practicing next to the Pittsburgh Steelers, is something that gave him a constant glimpse of the NFL lifestyle.

"It's important, but it may be more natural seeing those guys next door, so it's not a big deal, or anything like that," Gordon added.

A couple of teams who took notice were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cleveland Browns.

Gordon will head back to Florida to do some more training. He goes back with the understanding that not everyone gets the call from an NFL team. All Gordon wants is a shot in somebody's training camp.

"I'm just waiting, hopefully just get that call from somebody to get in their camp," Gordon said. "That's all I'm waiting on. Just keep working out, just do all I can do. It's not in my hands anymore. I'm just waiting."

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