Introducing John Settle

Paul Chryst jumped at the opportunity to add John Settle to his staff. It looks to be a great combination of things. Settle brings NFL playing and coaching experience to an experienced group of running backs.

Paul Chryst couldn't be happier, or more excited at what John Settle has a chance to bring to his corps of running backs.

"A good coach that has the love and appreciation for the game," Chryst said.

Not to say that Settle has it easy in his first spring, but it looks like an easy transition. He has three running backs this spring that all saw significant playing time in 2013, in Isaac Bennett, James Conner and Rachid Ibrahim.

It's a great opportunity for Settle to get to know his personnel, but also fine tune their abilities this spring, while he gets acclimated with the system. In other words, a chance to showcase his own personal philosophy.

"I'm a believer in building a running back from the ground up," Settle said. "My focus has been on footwork. Taking care of the football. I'm a firm believer in that. Ball security if job security. I tell them if you're going to put the ball on the ground, you're not going to play, and I'm probably not going to be here."

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