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Jim Hueber--not acting as a team spokesman, he says--says that not just his group, but the team as a whole is buying into the Paul Chryst system.

Jim Hueber is very humble in talking about his offensive line. However, when asked about how his group has responded to this coaching staff--now three years in a row--Hueber took it a step further, and made a supportive statement of the team's overall effort.

"When we came in here, there was a reason we got hired," Hueber said. "This wasn't Utopia. I think we fought through that. We had kids that didn't want to buy into our way. Look around now. There's not much b****ing and moaning. We don't have the problems that we had before. In my opinion, and I'm not the spokesman for the team, our kiss have taken the bit and want to do it the way we want it done. How that pans out in wins and losses, we'll know when these recruiting classes get older."

One guy under a close watch probably moreso than any other posiiton on the field, is quarterback.

Chad Voytik may have that pressure as a first-year starter, but he acts like he's done this before. In fact, while talking about areas he's developed this spring, Voytik gave us a hint of the next step--that being summer conditioning. He's already thinking and planning how to work with his receivers over the summer, building in what he's done this spring.

"We'll do it every day before lifts," Voytik said. "We'll throw before our lifts, and we're going to put that on us to keep that up."

And as for Tyler Boyd, there may not be more pressure on any one player this year, than there is Boyd. Strictly based on the expectation for him to surpass the numbers he put up as a freshman.

So what does he do for motivation, or where does he see the challenge coming from? His own teammates at receiver--where he feels guys are out to challenge him for his starting job.

"Everybody is trying to push themselves to get better," Boyd said. "I think all those guys want to start. There are guys aiming for my spot. We try to battle with each other, trying to make us better."

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