The New Look

A look at the news design for Panther Digest and other a affiliates.

Welcome to the new look of Panther Digest.

Today's launch is the first step of many in providing our loyal subscribers not only a fresh look, but a more user-friendly way of getting you the latest news on Pittsburgh recruiting and team info.

In addition to a sharper look, our message boards will also get a new look while continuing to provide you the same insider type of information you're here for. For our mobile users, an even easier way of following our photos and video info.

We've got a whole summer to get caught up, and get acclimated to our new design. Thank you again for being a loyal subscriber to Panther Digest. Through the summer months, we look forward to providing you continuous information on Pitt's recruiting effort through the combine schedule, the summer camp season, as well as the upcoming Pro-Am basketball league, which starts next month.

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