Hudanick Talks Pitt Camp

Tyler Hudanick recaps his trip to Pittsburgh for its opening prospect camp of the summer, as well as what other stops he'll be making.

Tyler Hudanick has developed a pretty good rapport with the Pittsburgh coaching staff already. Performing well at Friday's camp certainly didn't hurt things, either.

The Pitt coaching staff has been keeping an eye on Hudanick for some time, and it sounds like they will take some time evaluating him, after this latest camp.

"I liked it, the coaches were pretty cool," Hudanick said. "I felt I did pretty well. I stayed afterwards and got to do some one-on-ones for Coach (Paul) Chryst.

"They're right in my back yard, and it's a great place to be at. So far, I've enjoyed everything about Pitt, and I have a good relationship with everybody there."

Hudanick said if anything stood out about the Pitt camp, aside from meeting with the coaches again, it was the level of competition.

"When you do the one-on-ones, it shows the talent you already have, who's better than each other, who's more well-prepared," Hudanick said. "Instruction is a good thing. I like the way I did some certain things. That, combined with the one-on-one talent, I hope I showed the coaches what I'm capable of doing."

While he hasn't gotten an offer from Pitt yet, it sounds like the coaching staff wants to keep an eye on him, further evaluate him some more.

"I got to talk to (Chryst) at the very end, and he said it was a good day. Coach (Jim Hueber) kind of hinted at us, that they were watching for me, when we had the morning session. They both said that they'll be in touch over the next couple of days, after they evaluate everybody."

Another thrill for Hudanick--simply seeing some of the current Pitt players helping out in the drills.

"I thought it was pretty cool seeing guys like James Conner, Tyler Boyd, people like that," Hudanick said. "It was pretty cool seeing a couple of big-time guys like that, work."

Up next for Hudanick, a trip to N.C. State, and another to Virginia. He also hopes to visit West Virginia in July, and he will also head to a team camp with his Seneca Valley team at Notre Dame.

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