Panthers Offer Hamlin

Recruiting is still new for Central Catholic's Damar Hamlin, but adds there's something special about getting an offer from the hometown team.

Central Catholic junior corner Damar Hamlin got some good news he was hoping for on Sunday. Pittsburgh came through with an offer, his second.

"They had me come in for a workout (on Sunday), and then right after the workout, they said they liked me," Hamlin said. "During the day, they took me upstairs to meet with the head coach (Paul Chryst), and he had a word with me and my mom. He offered, and basically talked about the school."

Even though he already has one offer, recruiting is still fairly new for Hamlin. And even though he plays for a big-time program, he says he's still in awe, sitting in the office of a head coach at a major Division I program.

"Definitely," Hamlin says. "It was exciting."

Past the fact of getting an offer, it was clear to Hamlin that Pitt is making him a priority for 2016.

"(Chryst) was basically saying he likes me, saying I'm a good fit for the team," Hamlin added. "Then, he was basically telling me that Pitt is a good fit for me."

Also, being a Pittsburgh native, there is something special about getting an offer from the hometown team.

"It's the home team," Hamlin said. "Everyone cheers for Pitt around here. From what I've seen, during the workout, the DB coach (Troy Douglas), kind of teaches the same technique that my school teaches me right now. That's good."

Even though Douglas is in his first year at Pitt, he says the first-year position coach has gotten familiar with him.

"He's a real forward guy, he's very genuine," Hamlin said. "I like everything about him."

Hamlin also grew up with sophomore receiver Dontez Ford, some more familiarity.

Temple is the other school to offer Hamlin. There's excitement in getting an offer from the hometown school. There's also excitement simply getting that first offer.

"I was excited for my first offer, so excited to get that first offer," Hamlin said. "There's some guys going up there committed (Lenny Williams, Delvon Randall, Anthony Davis). I got the offer from Coach (Phil) Snow, and Adam DiMichele--his family lives on the end of my street."

With two offers in hand, Hamlin's summer plans are not done yet. He will camp at Penn State on July 19. He also had some good conversations with the Nittany Lion staff.

"Everything about Penn State is good," Hamlin said. "I like the defense they run. Their whole staff is from the WPIAL, the defensive staff. I know what to expect going in, because they're from the same area. They said if I come up and run a good time, have a good camp, they're going to offer."

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