Pro-Am League: By The Numbers

Hard to believe we're heading into the final week of the Pittsbugh Basketball Club Pro-Am League. Here's a quick rundown of how all the Pitt players have produced so far this summer.

Cameron Wright:
40-75 shooting (53.3%)
30.3 points per game
6.7 rebounds per game
5.3 assists per game
* Take away a 1-12 three-point shooting performance, Wright is 39-63 (61.9%) shooting from two-point range. He's shown his versatility with near equal numbers in rebounds and assists. The big question for Wright is where he's going to play this season, and who he's going to play alongside--he could play the three, albeit a smaller lineup, with Josh Newkirk and James Robinson in the backcourt. Or, he'll be paired with one of them. This could quite possibly be the biggest question for Pitt, heading into the season.

James Robinson
15-33 shooting (45.5%)
21.0 points per game
7.5 rebounds per game
7.0 assists per game
* Don't look for Robinson's rebound totals to be greater than his assist totals in ACC play. Robinson is certainly on his way to being one of the most efficient passers in school history, if he keeps at the pace he's started with after his first two years. The question here, is what can we make of him being paired with Young on the same summer league team? Not a bad idea, considering Pitt will be looking for a new finisher this year, and Robinson will be looking for someone else to feed to ball to, with the graduations of Lamar Patterson and Talib Zanna.

Mike Young
48-73 shooting (63%)
10-25 three-point shooting (40 %)
24.8 points per game
9.4 rebounds per game
* Young may have to play out of position at the four or five. His skillset not be for that traditional power foward or center we're used to seeing, but Young can score. The question heading into 2014-15, is how he will be used?

38-73 shooting (52.1%)
17.0 points per game
19.2 rebounds per game
* The only real question here is how healthy will Ucehbo be for the 2014-15 season? It's unreasonable to expect 19.2 rebounds a game in an ACC regular season. It he could get half of that total, it would be a welcome addition. Numbers aside, what Uchebo has been able to prove with his size this summer, would be a more welcome than anything.

Sheldon Jeter
46-84 shooting (54.8%
9-25 (36.9%) three-point shooting
21.6 points per game
8.4 rebounds per game
* Jeter has adjusted well in his first year of the Pro-Am League. It might be coincidence, but he already looks like he's meshing well with incoming freshman Cameron Johnson, also a part of his signing class. He can rebound, but that doesn't look like it's his best attribute. Similar to Mike Young, he looks like another scorer.

Cameron Johnson
34-61 shooting (55.7 %)
19.4 points per game
* Johnson is not only making a case to be on the All-Freshman Team for the Pro-Am League, but he could find a spot on the All-League team, overall. Johnson, without question, has been the most impossible, consistent three-point shooter in the league this summer. Can he be placed into this kind of a role as a freshman? It would be nice to see, but typically, freshman are asked to step in and play defense first.

Jamel Artis
42-64 shooting (65.6%)
10-17 three-point shooting ((58.8%)
21.4 points per game
6.4 rebounds per game
* Notice a nice trend? With Young, Jeter and Artis, Pitt has three 6-8 players who are simply scorers. They can rebound, but it's not their main strength. That could be good or bad. If you include Durand Johnson--who is not playing this summer, as he recovers from his knee injury last year, you have four players with the same build and same type of game, four players who look like they can be scorers. Not sure what it does for the rebound game, but asking each player to get five rebounds a game, whatever the role, isn't too much to ask for.

Ryan Luther
30-56 (53.6%) shooting
14.6 points per game
7.0 rebounds per game
* Luther may need some seasoning, but he's off on the right foot in his first summer league. There are too many bodies at the three or four positions for Pitt right now. After a year of seasoning--regardless of whether Luther sees the floor or redshirts--we'll have a better idea of where he'll start off.

Chris Jones
36-64 shooting (56.2 %)
12-26 three-point shooting (46.2 %)
19.8 points per game
* It's going to be tough for Jones to get minutes behind Cameron Wright, James Robinson and Josh Newkirk. Looking ahead, Jones is in preparation to take over for Wright--combo guard who can fill in at either spot--a year from now. Regardless, he's getting significant playing time this summer, which certainly can't hurt his development.

Derrick Randall
27-39 (69.2%) shooting
15.2 points per game
12.5 rebounds per game
* As opposed to the other big men on the Pitt roster, Randall and Joseph Uchebo are the ones who have rebounding as their main strength. Where will Randall play? Is Jamie Dixon willing to go with a smaller lineup, playing Randall at center? He did start the opener there last year, filling in for Zanna. That's probably a better chance than starting Randall at the four, where he would battle with Young and Artis for minutes.

Josh Newkirk
54-104 shooting (51.9%)
9-31 three-point shooting (29.0%)
27.4 points per game
7.4 assists per game
* More than any other player that Pitt has, when the game has been on the line in these summer league games, Newkirk's instincts go to work. He's proven in his freshman season, and in this summer league, he's comfortable with the ball in his hands in a close-game situation. He's worthy of being a starter this upcoming season. How will he be used? Does he supplant James Robinson? Does he supplant Cameron Wright? If paired with Robinson, it would make for a very efficient backcourt. That's only if Cameron Wright goes to the three.

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