Video: Chryst, Hueber

Pitt head coach Paul Chryst and offensive line coach Jim Hueber comment on Wednesday's practice

Paul Chryst spoke on the offense's development on Wednesday's practice.

Quarterback Chad Voytik guided the offense on a two-minute drill at the end of Wednesday's practice.

"Anytime you can have success, it is good," Chryst said. "It's still early enough, and it's the first we have worked it, in earnest. (We) are concerned about procedure and understanding all the situations that come up. But, yeah, it's good when you have success."

Offensive line coach Jim Hueber talks about experimenting with different guys on the line. Freshman Alex Bookser has been working with the second-team. Hueber likes the fact he doesn't have to rush Bookser into action right away. At the same time, it's beneficial to be able to take some time to properly develop a freshman offensive lineman--a welcome change from the last two years, and a sign that there is more depth on the offensive line.

"You talk about a guy who is athletic, a guy this what you think that is he is," Hueber said. "He is into it mentally, and mad at himself when he doesn't do it right. But it is not going to come without getting the work, so the work is invaluable for him right now."

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