Video: Chryst, Voytik

Paul Chryst talks about the state of the linebacker position. Quarterback Chad Voytik talks about comfort level with the offense.

One of the positions that appear settled, heading towards the end of training camp, is linebacker. While Pitt has a strength there with seniors Anthony Gonzalez and Todd Thomas providing athleticism and experience, the Panthers will break in a new full-time starter in Matt Galambos. Galambos did start last year, and has already adjusted to the speed of the college game.

"I think he's more than ready," Chryst said. "I like the direction he's going with it, certainly."

Also heading for his first year in a full-time starter role is quarterback Chad Voytik. One of the biggest things Voytik has noticed with himself, is that when accessing how much of the offense has been plugged in to this point, he says it's been easier than he anticipated.

"The amount of reps we've already gotten has been so helpful for me," Voytik said. "I've learned a lot already. Reps do that for you."

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