Nine Freshmen On Pitt Two-Deep

In addition to nine freshmen who could possibly play in this first game, another player has an actual position named in his honor.

It's the first week of the regular season, which means the first press conference, and more specifically, the first two-deep of the season.

After getting some questions answered last week, with Chad Voytik named starting quarterback and Reggie Mitchell named a starter at corner, we focus on some of the other important questions.

Mainly the receiver position, where Kevin Weatherspoon is officially a backup to Tyler Boyd, and Ronald Jones a backup to Garner.

Not too much of a surprise, considering the camp Weatherspoon had. It might be somewhat of a surprise that heralded freshman Adonis Jennings did not make the two-deep. Chryst feels comfortable putting Jennings in the game, and says as he gets more reps in practice, Jennings will have a chance to play this year.

"When he goes, I've liked what he's done," Chryst said. "It's just a matter of making sure he understands what he's gotta do, and get reps."

Chris James and Qadree Ollison are a pair of freshmen running backs who saw a lot of work in training camp. Despite neither being listed in the two-deep, Chryst is comfortable with both of them.

"I certainly feel good with both Chris and Qadree," Chryst said. "(Chris James) is a differenty type of back than James and Isaac. Both him and Qadree came in with great intention, and are learning it."

The offensive line is one of the more experienced groups across the board, with all five first-teamers (Adam Bisnowaty, Dorian Johnson, Artie Rowell, Matt Rotheram, T.J. Clemmings) looking to cut down that number of 43 sacks allowed last year. Alex Bookser is listed as the backup to Clemmings at right tackle, though it's expected if Clemmings has to miss any time, Jaryd Jones-Smith could slide in at that right tackle spot.

On defense, Rori Blair is the backup to David Durham at defensive end. Quintin Wirginis will back up Todd Thomas at the WILL linebacker spot. Avonte Maddox also had a big camp, and is listed as the backup to Lafayette Pitts at corner, and also as a backup to Tyler Boyd as a kick returner.

Maddox is definitely one to watch, and should be able to see time in nickel and dime packages.

One interesting note is that Chryst said freshman Adam Bertke could also see time. While Trey Anderson, a redshirt junior, is listed as the backup to Chad Voytik, Chryst said that Bertke could come in for Voytik in an injury situation.

Conner, while listed as the starter at running back, could also see time at defensive end. He's not listed on the two-deep defensively. Chryst said that situation will be dictated by certain situations, certain packages.

"There's not a set number," Chryst said. "Certainly, he's on on packages. The way the game goes will determine it."

Nicholas Grigsby, nicknamed 'Freeze' is listed as the starter at Freeze linebacker.

Chryst said there's no rhyme or reason to why they created a special terming of Grigsby on the depth chart, by using his nickname. Based on the package he'll be used at--a rush end, or standing linebacker, and the work ethic Grigsby has displayed in recent months, is why he earned the right to a spot on the depth chart, and the right to have a position named after him.

"He did have a good camp," Chryst said. "We've been doing it in house, because of the unique skillset he has, back it up with some of the stuff James has. It's more than just if 'Freeze' isn't in, who can play."

Here is a look at the complete depth chart:

Wide Receiver
23 TYLER BOYD SO, 6 2, 190
88 Kevin Weatherspoon (SR*, 5-10, 175)

Wide Receiver
82 Manasseh Garner SR*, 6 2, 220
10 Ronald Jones (JR*, 5-8, 170)

Left Tackle
69 ADAM BISNOWATY SO*, 6 6, 305
75 Jaryd Jones-Smith (FR*, 6-7, 335)

Left Guard
53 DORIAN JOHNSON SO, 6 5, 300
72 Carson Baker (FR*, 6-5, 330)

57 ARTIE ROWELL JR*, 6 2, 315
63 Alex Officer (FR*, 6-4, 335)

Right Guard
74 MATT ROTHERAM SR*, 6 6, 335
71 Gabe Roberts (SO*, 6-5, 305)

Right Tackle
68 T.J. CLEMMINGS SR*, 6 6, 315
78 Alex Bookser (FR, 6-6, 295)

Tight End
86 J.P. Holtz JR, 6 4, 245
45 Devon Edwards (FR*, 6-4, 260)

31 Jaymar Parrish SO, 6 2, 270
83 Scott Orndoff (SO, 6-5, 260)

16 CHAD VOYTIK SO*, 6 1, 205
11 Trey Anderson (JR*, 6-0, 195)

24 James Conner SO, 6 2, 250 34 Isaac Bennett (SR, 5-11, 210)

Defensive End
52 Shakir Soto SO, 6 3, 270
55 Luke Maclean (FR*, 6-5, 260)

Defensive Tackle
91 Darryl Render JR, 6 2, 275
56 Justin Moody (FR*, 6-3, 280)

Nose Tackle
54 Tyrique Jarrett (SO, 6-3, 335)

Defensive End
44 DAVID DURHAM SR*, 6 2, 240
92 Rori Blair (FR, 6-4, 230)

Freeze Linebacker

Middle Linebacker
47 Matt Galambos SO, 6 2, 245
30 Mike Caprara (SO*, 6-0, 225)

Sam Linebacker
28 Anthony Gonzalez SR*, 6 3, 230
4 Bam Bradley (SO*, 6-2, 230)

Will Linebacker
8 TODD THOMAS SR*, 6 2, 230
58 Quintin Wirginis (FR, 6-2, 220)

6 LAFAYETTE PITTS JR*, 5 11, 195
14 Avonte Maddox (FR, 5-9, 165)

15 REGGIE MITCHELL SO*, 6 0, 185
38 Ryan Lewis (SO*, 6-0, 195)

Strong Safety
2 Terrish Webb SO, 5 11, 180
26 Jevonte Pitts (SO*, 5-11, 205)

Free Safety
9 RAY VINOPAL SR*, 5 10, 200
25 Pat Amara (FR, 6-2, 190)

18 Ryan Winslow FR*, 6 5, 210
12 Chris Blewitt (SO, 5-9, 185)

12 CHRIS BLEWITT SO, 5 9, 185
18 Ryan Winslow (FR*, 6-5, 210)

18 RYAN WINSLOW FR*, 6 5, 210
45 Nick Goldsmith (FR, 6-2, 210)

Long Snapper
67 David Murphy JR*, 6 1, 220
61 Pat Quirin (SO*, 6-1, 220)

Kickoff Returner
23 TYLER BOYD SO, 6 2, 190
10 Ronald Jones (JR*, 5-8, 170)
14 Avonte Maddox (FR, 5-9, 165)

Punt Returner
23 TYLER BOYD SO, 6 2, 190
88 Kevin Weatherspoon (SR*, 5-10, 175)

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