Video: Ray Vinopal

Ray Vinopal talks about the defense, about avoiding another opening loss to an FCS opponent, and about a couple of key roles on the team, specifically Nicholas Grigsby.

Ray Vinopal's first game in a Pittsburgh uniform should be one he'd like to remember. Unfortunately, it's one he'd like to forget, a 31-17 loss to FCS opponent Youngstown State.

Therefore, as a co-captain, he doesn't want the thought of another loss to another FCS opponent in an opener, to linger in anyone's mind.

"Squash is right now," Vinopal says. "They have good players. They have good coaches. They've won football games. You have to show up and win the game on the the date you're playing."

Despite having a young nucleus, which includes nine true freshmen who could play in their first collegiate game this Saturday, Vinopal likes the mindset of the team as a whole, this time around.

"I think the maturity level of the team has changed for the good," Vinopal said. "People are respecting the opponents a lot more, and taking their job a lot more seriously.

"The culture of the locker room is completely different than it was a couple of years ago. It's hard to explain. There's a change in attitude, a change in work ethic, preparation. Some of the guys may be young, but the only environment they've known is that. Coach Chryst has done a good job of getting rid of that privileged attitude."

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