Chryst Not Ready To Celebrate Yet

Pitt looking for its first 3-0 start since 2009, it's third since 2000 with a win Saturday.

Paul Chryst is pleased with his team's 2-0 start, but says he doesn't want his team to get too caught up in the hype.

"I don't think it's that 'Boy we're good now' type of thing," Chryst said. "We felt after the game, and certainly when we saw the film, we did some good things. Guys made some plays, yet there are a lot of things we'll still keep working on, and can and need to clean up, particularly how we finished the game."

Even though it's just two games, the Panthers are showing marked improvement in all three areas--offense, defense and special teams. The run game ranks fourth nationally, the offensive line has yet to allow a sack, the defense responded after an early long run from Boston College quarterback Tyler Murphy, and some good play on special teams.

Particularly with the run game, where it's been a joint effort on the part of the running backs and the offensive line, this area has been consistently strong through two games. While it's good, Chryst points out that there are still certain areas this group can become better.

"Each game, you're going to see some things that you can't prepare for," Chryst said. "I think we've done a good job adjusting it. I think they're competing."

One thing Chryst said he is impressed with, and something he feels is reflective of the character of this team, as how they responded to some adversity against Boston College, they didn't have to deal with against Delaware.

* After an 51-yard run by Boston College quarterback Tyler Murphy that led to an early 7-3 lead by the Eagles, the defense responded.

"The thing I like about this group is that when something happens, they talk about it and they regroup and play," Chryst said.

He was very encouraged by the defensive line play, in particular, for being the catalyst for that response.

"(David Durham) is a senior that has the focus and purpose of a senior," Chryst said. "Shakir (Soto), his role is steadily increasing. On Bam's (Bradley) sack, (Nicholas) Grigsby had some pressure off the edge. We're going to need the whole group."

* Quarterback Chad Voytik threw his first interception in he he first quarter. The defense held, as Boston College wasn't able to capitalize. More importantly, Voytik responded, throwing a pair of touchdown passes to Tyler Boyd, and also rushing for 47 yards on six carries.

"(Voytik) has got to help himself in the rhythm," Chryst said. "We've got to help him in the rhythm. I thought that he did some good things."

* Later, the Panthers had to overcome a key injury. Artie Rowell left the game with a knee injury, that turned out to be a torn ACL, which will require season-ending surgery. Gabe a Roberts was inserted into the lineup, and the offense appeared to not miss a beat. Depthwise, this is a luxury this program didn't have two years ago. Roberts competed with Rowell in training camp last year, before losing out in the position battle. Chryst sounds encouraged by what Roberts did on Friday, and feels he's ready to step into the starting role.

"(Roberts) had size and enough talent to recruit him," Chryst said. "I think he fits this group. He's still young. He's got to continue to grow. We were glad when we signed him, we're glad that we've got him right now, and he's got an opportunity to step up."

The Panthers also lost T.J. Clemmings late in the game, but he appears ready to be able to start on Saturday. Adam Bisnowaty started the game at left tackle, moved to left guard, and then filled in for Clemmings at the end, at right tackle. He cites Bisnowaty's versatility was a big plus, another example of how this team deals in regrouping.

"I give (Bisnowaty) a lot of credit," Chryst said. "He played three spots on Friday night and didn't miss a beat."

* Pitt announced its September 20 game with Iowa will be a noon kickoff, and will be televised by either ESPN or ESPNU.

* With a lot of the talk centered on offense, the defense is giving up just 170 yards a game, tops in the ACC, fourth nationally. The Panthers also five five interceptions in two games, tied for first in the ACC, second nationally.

* Pitt is 2-0 for the first time since 2011, it's seventh 2-0 start since 2000.

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