Video: Joe Rudolph

Despite racking up another win, Joe Rudolph is looking for his group to rebound against Iowa. Pitt did come back from a 16-0 deficit, but it's the way the Panthers dug themselves in the hole last week. Rudolph doesn't want to see his group give up key sacks, or turn the ball over, which could be more detrimental against a team like Iowa.

One constant theme we've been hearing all week, from players and coaches alike, is that despite a 3-0 start, there is still a lot to work on. Even from the 42-25 win over Florida International game on Saturday, players and coaches alike feel there's still a need to prove themselves on Saturday.

"Our guys see it, they watch the film," offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph said. "Everything you get, you're going to earn. It's going to test their resolve."

Rudolph also echoed the same sentiment that other coaches have said earlier this week about Iowa's reputation as a physical team on both sides of the line. Particularly from his view as offensive coordinator, he's looking for a way to move the football against a run defense that is giving up just over 65 rushing yards per game.

"It starts with Coach (Kirk) Ferentz, and goes straight to the group," Rudolph added. "It's the way they train, it's the way they coach them. They're going to be weight-room strong, they're going to be sound and fundamental."

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