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<ul><li>The scuttlebutt right now is that fans are worried that Chris Taft will leave early. Well, I feel safe saying that he probably won't be gone after his freshman year, but we should all remember the lessons that Mark Blount taught us. </li></ul>

  • Jaron Brown is starting to get back the touch that made him a budding star in the NCAA tournament. If he gets hot, watch out Big East.
  • I'm a believer: Pitt vs. Connecticut in the Big East title game for the third straight year.
  • I said this last year, but how good would the Huskies be if Caron Butler had decided to stay? He'd be a senior this year.
  • You have to be wondering when and if Toree Morris is going to come out of his shell and explode the way he could.
  • The talk of Jamie Dixon being a better coach than Ben Howland is a little premature. If Dixon can lead the team past the Sweet Sixteen then the debate may be over.
  • It's sad that Toree Morris thinks he is a definite prospect for the NBA. He has the build and the power, but he needs to be more conscious about early fouls, improve his quickness, improve his foul shooting and improve his scoring touch. It seems that a year or two in Europe is where he will start.
  • Pitt's first big test is Monday versus Notre Dame. But even then, the Panthers probably won't be involved in a close contest until they visit Connecticut on January 19th.
  • The Panthers have 15 games remaining. If they can go at least 11 - 4 they will be able to earn a top 3 seed.
  • This year it won't matter if the Panthers win the Big East tournament for seeding purposes. It didn't matter last year, why would it matter this year?
  • The longer Carl Krauser sits, the harder it is to envision a dominating run through the Big East.
  • Is there a reason Yuri Demetrius sees action? He can't hit a trey or a field goal when it counts.

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