Palacios eliminates Panthers

Much sought after forward Juan Diego Tello Palacios from Centereach, NY (Our Savior New American) has revealed his final five and the Panthers surprisingly did not make the cut.

The final five, according to Tello Palacios, is Texas, Indiana, Florida State, Louisville, and Kentucky.

Palacios has no favorites yet, has not visited any of his remaining schools, and has no visits set up. Our Savior plays an independent schedule that consists of approximately forty games a season and he doesn't have the time to visit.

"We play all the time so there is no time to go to these places during the season," says the soft-spoken Columbian in near flawless English.

His coach and headmaster, Reverend Ronald Stelzer, confirms the five, saying, "those are the five that he told me just this morning".

The final five is a bit of a surprise since Pittsburgh and Baylor, long considered serious contenders, were noticeably absent.

When asked about each, Palacios responded the same.

"No, not them anymore."

He would not elaborate as to why, though Baylor's recent off the court history may have something to do with their elimination. Pittsburgh, however, is 20-1 and ranked No. 6 in the country.

As for rumors that he may enter the NBA instead of going to college, "Tay-Joe" as he is known says, "It's always been my dream, but if they tell me I am not ready yet, and I will go in the second round, or something, then I will not go."

When asked for his opinion on those aspirations, Rev. Stelzer says, "I know it's his dream, but I'm sure he wouldn't pass up an education for it."

Palacios, according to Rev. Stelzer is a very good student and he sees no problem on the SAT's which Palacios will take for the first time in March.

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