One Man's Thoughts: Part 2

<ul><li>20 Wins at this point in the season is a hugely satisfying total, but this will all be for nothing unless the Panthers can win in the Sweet Sixteen round.</li></ul>

  • Does anyone else look at the Panthers like the college basketball version of the New England Patriots? A team full of role players with a crafty leader at the helm?
  • I didn't initially like the signing of Jamie Dixon. I wanted Skip Prosser or even Tom Crean. I was wrong. But, those are choices we all make. Next season Dixon could fall flat and then all of the Prosser-faithful would feel correct. Regardless, it doesn't make a difference either way who said what, Dixon is the coach and he is winning. There is no debate whatsoever.
  • It is remarkably important that Antonio Graves gets minutes. He is the future if Carl Krauser leaves school early.
  • Yes I just said, Carl Krauser could leave school early. He has the game that NBA scouts love, and he isn't afraid to take the game into his hands.
  • The Panthers squeaking by Boston College is just as impressive as their win in Syracuse. This was the letdown game and Pitt survived.
  • BC was pretty high in the R.P.I last week (#14) and Providence currently sits at #5. The Panthers, if the should win out, would get a number one seed. I know that sounds like a simpleton thing to say, but if they don't win out, there is no way the committee will give them a #1 seed based on their non-conference schedule.
  • Can I predict Connecticut vs. Providence in the Big East Championship final? Or will that make me a pessimist?
  • It does? Then how about Syracuse vs. Connecticut? Still a pessimist?
  • Okay, okay, Providence vs. Seton Hall. You get where I'm going with this?
  • Florida State couldn't continue their surprising streak against Duke, but does anyone get the feeling that the ACC is going to be better in basketball in the next few years than anyone anticipated?
  • With Arizona not as good as advertised, the PAC- 10 is a one horse race. And that horse (Stanford) won't go far in the NCAA tournament either.
  • Neither will Gonzaga.
  • But, Pitt will go very far. Does this make me an optimist?

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