Panthers interested in Long Island star

The Panthers are beginning to seriously evaluate juniors and one player that they are expressing a lot of interest in is, not surprisingly, from New York.<br><br> Danny Green, a 6'5" 205 swingman from St. Mary HS in North Babylon, NY, is getting a lot of interest by the Panthers, but Pitt is not alone.

"I've been getting the most interest from Pitt, NC State, Louisville, UConn, Miami, Stanford, Notre Dame, Florida, Virginia, and Georgetown," said Green.

Coaches from NC State and Virginia have gone to see Green play in person, and many more are expected soon.

Green received a lot of attention at a recent tournament in which he effectively guarded 6'8" 275-pound star center Tyrell Biggs on defense, and then turned around and ran the point on offense, hitting two three-point shots, firing no-look laser passes, and slamming home a one handed rebound that brought the crowd to their feet.

"His versatility is the best thing he has," according to St. Mary Coach Tim Cluess. "He can do everything. That's why he is getting so much attention from the major schools. We stress on our team that everybody has to be able to do everything. We don't want our players to be limited to one thing. And that will help him out a lot at the next level."

Green's leadership traits are obvious on the floor and Cluess said the sky is the limit physically.

"He really hasn't even grown physically into what he can become yet. He just recently began to develop into his body and his strength is getting better. He has to improve his strength a bit for the next level, and he is definitely doing that."

Cluess sees Green as either a shooting guard or a small forward in college and said he has only one thing he needs to work on.

"He is a good three point shooter and can shoot well from medium range, but he has to be better at creating his own shot. He is good at that now, but I would like him to do it even better."

Green's 6'2" brother Rashad is a sophomore teammate that also has the look of a major recruit in a few years. Asked if Danny would like to play with his brother in college, Green said, "Oh yeah, I would love that. I hope we can."

As for current favorites, the race has only begun for Green but five stand out so far.

"I like NC State, Pittsburgh, UConn, Florida, and Stanford, " said Green. As for Pitt, "I like them. They are really good."

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