Haulman clears the air

As a member of the media, my main job is to get a story. I for one take an honest approach at my job and write only what I am told by the person whom I interview. Apparently, there are some out there in my line of work that don't believe in this practice.

I was emailed a few days ago by Altoona OL Zach Haulman (6-3,277 Altoona) and he informed me that on another web site he was misquoted, and what he said during an interview was taken totally out of context. So I gave Zach a chance to clarify any miscommunication.

First and foremost Zach told me his family consisted of several Penn State fans, but this in no way will sway him into picking Penn State. "I like all of the schools that are looking at me."

"I don't have any favorite."

Zach took an unofficial visit to Virginia back in October of last year, and was impressed with the whole atmosphere and the way the fans got into it. "I had fun at Virginia, but that still didn't put them ahead of anyone else."

Haulman told me to read an article that appeared recently on another site. It was done by a nationally recognized recruiting analyst. Zach said the story had quotes in it that he never said, and as a matter of fact he had only spoken to the man once and that was six months prior to when the story was published.

When people in my line of work start to deceive or mislead 16-18 year old kids, it makes me wonder if I am doing the right thing. I do think that 95% of us do our jobs the way we are supposed to do them. But when some put a spin on an article that upsets a young man, I think maybe they should look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are in this business for the right reasons.

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