Top western PA QB getting Big 10 interest

The Pittsburgh area has been known for producing great quarterbacks and the best QB prospect in the area for the class of 2005 looks to uphold this great tradition.<br><br> Bill Stull of Seton-La Salle HS in Pittsburgh has all of the physical tools at nearly 6'4" and 195 pounds, while being timed at 4.68 in the 40 at the Pitt passing camp last year.

Seton-La Salle Head Coach Lou Cerro says he has everything it takes to be a star on the next level.

"He has a strong arm; he can throw long; he can throw out in the flat; he can throw with touch. He is a very good athlete. He doesn't do much wrong. But most of all, he is a leader. That's what makes him so good," said Cerro.

But don't get the idea that Stull just looks good on paper. He is also extremely productive in a wide-open offense that previously featured Toledo standout QB Bruce Gradkowski.

At the Pitt 7 on 7 Camp last year he led Seton-La Salle to the finals before losing in a very unusual way.

"We lost in 17 overtimes," laughed Stull. "Both teams just kept scoring."

It intrigued the Panthers enough to give Stull tickets to every home game Pitt played last season. "I went to the ones I had time for. It was great. Really fun."

Early on in the recruiting season, Stull says that he has not heard from Pitt much. But he has heard from the Big 10. Iowa, hoping to get a head start, asked Stull to call on Signing Day of this year, a full year before he could sign a letter of intent himself. Stull talked to Hawkeye Offensive Coordinator Ken O'Keefe.

Iowa has also has also stopped in to talk with Coach Cerro, along with Penn State, Ohio State, Purdue, and Miami Ohio, while Michigan recently requested tape. But the Stull family seems to be highly enamored with one Big 10 school the most.

"Well, I grew up in Poland, OH, just outside of Youngstown, and I've always grown up loving Ohio State," said Stull.

Stull's father, Bill, Sr., took it one step further. "I am a Christian and so is Coach (Jim) Tressel. He is a good Christian man and I like everything about him. What he has done for Youngstown has been so great. It will be Billy's decision, but I hope his favorite is my favorite," laughed Bill, Sr.

While Ohio State holds a special place in the Stulls' hearts, Bill, Jr. said, "I just want to go where I get the best chance to play and do well."

Stull said that while Ohio State leads, Iowa and Purdue are right behind, in that order. And of course, Michigan has just arrived on the scene.

"I am open to anybody," said Stull, presumably out of hearing range of his father.

Stull currently has a 2.5 GPA but said that it is rising quickly. "I just had a 3.0 in this last semester. It will be much higher by the time I graduate."

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