Could Erie Cathedral Prep stars be a package deal?

On Monday, West Virginia landed a pair of standout brothers in Jason Gwaltney and Scooter Berry from North Babylon, NY. Erie Cathedral Prep high school coach Mike Mischler has a pair of cousins who will be leading his squad this season.

LB Andre Mathis 6-3 224, and SS James Carson, 6-0 204 4.6, both of whom are actively talking about going to college together. Carson had 60 tackles and 1 interception this season. He benches 290 pounds and squats 375.

"Me and Andre have talked about it, we like the idea of going to the same place."

Coach Mischler said two things about Carson, "phenomenal speed and hitting ability."

PittInsiders caught up with Mr. Carson recently, here is our interview.

Who is showing interest in you, James?

"Boston College, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Pitt."

With the number of players Iowa and Pitt have from Erie Prep, does that help them?

"No, Pitt has only sent me a letter. I like Iowa, but that's not the reason why."

If you were to pick a top 5 today, what would it be?

"Penn State, Michigan, West Virginia, Iowa, and Syracuse."

Anyone have an edge?

"No not right now."

Who in the NFL or NCAA do you like to watch?

"Bob Sanders from Iowa and Roy Williams from the Dallas Cowboys."

Everyone said Bob was too small, and now he's going to be playing on Sundays!

"He has proved them wrong."

Describe your style of play?

"I am physical, I am energetic, and always around the ball."

Are you going to any camps or combines?

"I may go to the Metro-Index Camp."

What are you looking for in a college?

"I want to be around good people. I want to be challenged academically, and they should have a good football program."

What other sports do you play?

"Track this year, I'll be doing the long and triple, coach might make me sprint."

So you and Andre might be competing against each other.


When are you going to make a decision?

"When it feels right, maybe even during the first couple weeks of the season."

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