Interview with injured Panther kicker David Abdul

Panther kicker David Abdul, injured in a car crash on Feb. 7th, has returned home from the hospital on Monday and is in good spirits. <br><br> "I'm feeling better," says Abdul, who currently needs a walker to get around because the cut on his right hand prevents him from using crutches.

David Abdul, Sr., though, says his son is, "still in a lot of pain." And hearing more of the details of his accident, you can see why.

"His top part of his tibia broke through one side of his leg and the bottom part of the tibia broke through the other side," explains Abdul, Sr.

However, even with a steel rod placed in his right kicking leg, both father and son are very confident that not only can David come back, but also he can come back better than ever.

"His knee is fine and that's what is most important," says Abdul, Sr. "He had a cut on it, but it wasn't on the meniscus, the anterior cruciate ligament, or the medial collateral ligament. It was in the only place where it couldn't do serious damage."

"The doctors told me that it will be stronger than ever," says Abdul, Jr. "They said that for most people the recovery time is six months, but since I am an athlete, it will be four months."

A lot of the Abduls' faith is centered on new Panther Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Kent.

"I liked him before the accident. He has a lot of great exercises that strengthen my hips and my flexibility," says David.

Both Abduls are targeting next week as a possible return for David to return to athe university, though it is possible it could be delayed for another week.

"I don't want him falling behind in his schoolwork," says Abdul, Sr.

David Abdul, also received great support from Pitt coaches, players, and fans since his accident.

"Coach Brookhart and Coach Deal came to the hospital," says Abdul, and though he was in too much pain to focus on a lot of what was said, he also had visits from Pitt roommate Luke Getsy, and Massillon High School teammates Andy Alleman from Pitt, and Justin Zwick and Devin Jordan from Ohio State.

He also had three Pitt fans visit him in the hospital and received "about 50" get well cards from fans.

"It made me feel good," says David, surprised that, as he says, "people I don't even know", care so much about him.

According to Abdul, Sr., his son should be kicking again in June, and though Bryan Deal mentioned the possibility of a redshirt, both Abduls are confident that will not be the case.

"I have no doubts that he will come back," says Abdul, Sr.

David also sees no option other than a full recovery.

"I'm going to come back better than ever. I'm going to make a good story about this."

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