He's a stud

When talking to people at Monessen HS, in the little town outside of Pittsburgh that is home of former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Michael Moorer, the same three words are always mentioned first when talking about their star player - "He's a stud".

Linebacker/fullback Ernest Williams, a 6'2" 248-pound terror with 4.6 speed and superior strength, is about to hit the recruiting world with the same velocity that he hits opponents on the football field.

Williams has great upper body strength with a 340-pound bench press, but it's his unreal lower body strength that enables him to squat over 600 pounds, and helps him explode into enemy ball carriers or linebackers foolish enough to fill the gap.

Williams also plays basketball at Monessen and assistant coach Marlon Wheeler, who currently handles the recruiting for Williams, raves about his ability on the hardwood.

"If you can come see him play basketball, you have to do it. He has great hands and he put on a dribbling exhibition the other day that brought the crowd to their feet."

"I think he likes to watch me play basketball more than football," laughs Williams, who adds that in the first round of the playoffs on Tuesday he scored 31 points.

"He must have 18 or 19 rebounds, too," marvels Wheeler.

But while Wheeler loves to watch him play basketball, he knows what a special talent Williams is on the football field.

"Maybe I shouldn't be saying this," says Wheeler, "but he has the talent to play in the NFL some day. He's that good."

Wheeler says the local teams like Pitt and Penn State are recruiting him as a LB, but he may even be better as a FB.

"He is such a strong runner and he is a devastating blocker. He just smashes people."

Besides the local teams, Williams has heard from just about everybody in the country, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Miami. But the teams he has heard the most from early on are Pitt, Penn State, West Virginia, Kentucky, Boston College, Syracuse, Michigan, and Iowa.

Ernest Williams' sister Latitia plays basketball at West Virginia but she will be a senior next season, so that apparently won't have much effect on her younger brother.

Michigan also intrigues Williams with what he calls, "that big stadium".

The local school also has the interest of both Williams and Wheeler.

"I like Pitt a lot, but the only thing I don't like is that it's spread out over the city, and I am a country boy," he laughs. "But that won't have an effect on me going there or not."

Wheeler, whose daughter dates former Pittsburgh WR Lateef Grim, has had most of his contact so far with the Pitt coaches, according to Williams, and Wheeler readily concedes that he is a big Pitt fan and has a Pitt helmet in his office.

Williams says that he is still wide open right now and would like to wait until he takes all of his visits before he decides…

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