Princeton WR Ready to Step Into Spotlight

Cincinnati Princeton is quietly hiding a gem of a receiver in EJ Morton-Green. EJ is starting to see his recruiting heat up. Read on for more.

Cincinnati Princeton is quietly re-emerging as one of the best football programs in Cincinnati.  Many of you remember Mike Daniels (UC) and the things he did at Princeton two seasons ago.  Jarrel Williams (KY) did his best impersonation of MD last season.  One of the big reasons Jarrel was successful was because of guys like Johnny Long (EJ Morton-Green.

I get a lot of film in on kids who are supposed to be "all-everything."  A lot of them are, but there are always a handful of pretenders.  After viewing film on EJ Morton-Green, I think it's safe to file him under that "all-everything" category.  I can't believe there isn't more talk about him around the state yet.  In today's football world, big receivers are a big asset to have.  EJ fits that perfectly with his 6'3 198 pound frame.  What's better than a big wideout?  A big wideout that can run.....people -- EJ can scoot!  He is currently running his forty in the mid 4.5's and is boasting a vertical leap of 36".  EJ should continue getting faster this spring/summer.  He intends to run the 100m & 200m in track this spring and will be busting his tail this summer training.

On his film, I saw games against Middletown (and their stud QB Chris Wright) & Moeller.  EJ displayed a great combination of speed, power and athleticism.  He's got soft hands and after using them to haul in a pass, he get his feet moving and can really accelerate quick.  He didn't seem to shy away from contact either, fearlessly bringing in passes while crossing the ever dangerous linebacker-heavy middle of the field.

While many fans in Ohio haven't heard/seen EJ's name much yet, colleges sure seem to be taking notice.  The Princeton Viking is currently seeing interest pick up from such schools as: Boston College, West Virginia, Cincinnati, & Pitt.  EJ was planning on attending the Indiana/Iowa hoops game at Bloomington a week ago but couldn't make it due to weather concerns.  He will be attending Junior Day at the University of Cincinnati this Saturday.  As for camps this summer, EJ isn't quite sure yet.  He is pretty set on hitting up the Nike Camp at OSU and also wants to camp at several Big 10 schools, OSU & Iowa being possibles.

With the graduation of a few very key players for Princeton's squad, OPS looks for EJ to get a lot more attention in the offensive scheme and this should only help people take notice of him.  I'm expecting EJ to have a very solid senior year.  Stay tuned to OPS for more on EJ and other top student-athletes in the Buckeye State!

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