New school, same McClain

Several players from Central Bucks East will be relocating to Central Bucks South after this school year, as the district is rezoning its regions and adding another district.<br><br> Among the biggest losses for CBE, literally and figuratively, is OT David McClain, 6-5, 325, 5.3, who will be the anchor of the new Central Bucks South Team.

David McClain is receiving interest from Iowa, Virginia, Penn State, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Miami, and Arkansas.

His favorites are Virginia, West Virginia, Penn State, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse.

PittInsider interviewed David recently, who is being guided by his very helpful mom Candy and brother Bo.

The 5 schools you named, what do you like about them?

"Penn State I have always liked. My brother is friends with Brian Scott, who is from our area, he is now with the Atlanta Falcons. He is your typical perfect kid. He is very likeable; he always had good grades. He is a perfect role model."

"Pittsburgh, I went to camp there and it was my first one so I as nervous. Coach Tom Freeman came up and introduced himself, shook my hand, he said he liked my size and made me feel welcome. I also met Rob Petitti there, he is so intense, quick, he has great fundamentals, and is just a great example of how a lineman should play."

"West Virginia is my mom's school, she's a fan of them."

"Virginia has some very nice people there, and Syracuse has a very good communication program which is what I want to major in. They have lots of cold weather which is a plus, and Donovan McNabb is my favorite player."

Donovan McNabb is good, but you're a lineman. How can you like a QB?

"D-Mac is tough, I like the way he plays."

Who else do you like?

"I like to watch Jonathan Ogden of the Baltimore Ravens. He has those long arms and he's quick, he beats the smaller defensive ends but he always has fun. Every time you see him he has a smile on his face. That is the way it should be. I also used to watch Tony Boselli a lot."

Where do you think you might visit for junior days?

"I'm going to Maryland Feb 28th. I'm planning on Illinois, Ohio State, Virginia, and maybe Arkansas."

Are you going to any camps?

"I am going to the Nike camp May 15th. I also may go to Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Virginia, and Syracuse."

So you may attend Pittsburgh's camp again?

"I like the camp, they teach you like you are already a college player."

Do you look at these schools' depth charts, will that effect your decision?

"No, If you want to be the best you have to compete. It doesn't matter who's there, it will make me work 10 times harder."

What kind of weight are you lifting right now?

" I am benching 325, I squat 550, and I have a 28" vertical."

The important question - How about grades?

"I currently have a 3.25 GPA and I take prep classes for the SAT. I have scored 970."

You are being recruited as a tackle, correct?

"Yes, I played tackle as a freshman and a sophomore. Last season I played guard, but this year I'll more than likely be at tackle."

Can you describe your style of play?

"I love to down block, I try to be the best at it. I am a powerhouse and I'm always trying to knock people down. I love smash mouth football."

How many pancake blocks did you have?

"Actually our team never kept that stat, I haven't allowed a sack at the varsity level. I do know that. As a matter of fact, I haven't allowed a sack since 5th grade."

You haven't allowed a sack since 5th grade?

"That was the first year I played football, and I have always kept track of that."

What are you looking for in a college program?

"I am not worried about playing time, that is something you earn. I want to play for coaches who will answer my questions, and who are approachable and don't try and intimidate you."

When will you make a decision?

"I want to decide before the season, I think that would take a lot of the stress off me."

Any good stories to tell me?

"Actually, we were playing a game one time and the one side of our line was getting beat, our coach was mad. He looked at me and said, ‘Dave, you are our designated destroyer.' It was pretty funny, My dad nicknamed me "Dozer Dave" and I like that, and it has kind of stuck with me ever since."

Dave is rated as one of the top linemen in Pennsylvania this season. He was named to the 1st team All-League and 1st team All-Intelligencer. He will be interesting to keep an eye on this season. He will more than likely have several offers before the end of summer.

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