Sleeper FB about to be a sleeper no more

One Pittsburgh area star that has thus far snuck under the radar of college recruiters should revel in the silence now because that's all about to change.<br><br> Andrew McMillen, of North Allegheny HS in Wexford, PA, has the size, speed, and tenacity that will garner big time interest this season.

McMillen, who plays both FB and ILB for North Allegheny, is 6'1" 240 and runs a 4.6, while benching 305 and squatting 475.

On defense, the hard hitter lowers his head and demolishes running backs who try to venture up the middle. But, it's on offense, that he is even more impressive.

While viewing his tape, one can see Andrew McMillen moving like a runaway train, taking on would-be tacklers and trampling them, before his quick, choppy steps break him into the clearing and he outruns the defensive backs.

McMillen rushed for over 1,000 yards in the WPIAL Quad A, one of the best conferences in the country, and also excelled at track and field where he boasts excellent personal records of 54'4" in the shot put and 153'7" in the discus.

In the classroom, McMillen adds to the perfect package with a 3.95 GPA and a 1220 on the SAT.

Amazingly, McMillen has not heard much from college coaches, but that will change quickly. North Allegheny coach Jim Rankin has sent McMillen's tape to every school in the Big East, Big Ten, and MAC, plus others around the country. Plus, McMillen will participate in the highly competitive Metro Index Camp in Pittsburgh this spring.

"Wait until these coaches see his tape," says Rankin. "They won't believe it."

The only thing that is unbelievable is how McMillen hasn't already had college coaches foaming at the mouth. That is about to be rectified, and one of the biggest sleepers in PA and the country is about to get noticed.

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