One on one with big Kurt Mattes

Plymouth, PA - Wyoming Valley West High School is home to one of the top offensive line prospects in Pennsylvania, the versatile OT Kurt Mattes, 6-6, 260, 4.8, a 315 pound bench press and a 475 squat.

Mattes was the leader of coach Ed Michael's Spartans as a junior so he will undoubtedly be ready to assume the leadership role again this season. Kurt is tough on defense as well as offense and earned 1st team All N.E.P.F.C honors with 52 tackles, 6 sacks, and 10 tackles for loss.

PittInsider interview with Kurt Mattes:

Who has been showing interest in you?

"Penn State, Notre Dame, Boston College, Iowa, Northwestern, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh."

Who is recruiting you for Pittsburgh?

"The offensive line coach, Tom Freeman."

If you had to choose a top 5, what would it be?

"Northwestern, Virginia, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh."

Your brother Brian played at Notre Dame. So does that give them an edge?

"No, I am my own person, I like all of them pretty much the same."

Do you have any offers yet?

"Yes, Virginia has offered."

What other sports do you play?

"I am the center on the basketball team."

How are your grades?

"I have a 4.2 GPA and scored 1280 on my boards."

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

"To win a state championship and do the best I can."

If someone never saw you play, how would you describe the way Kurt Mattes plays football?

"I am quick for my size; I am physical and I try to be aggressive on every play."

What visits have you taken?

"Actually I just got back from Northwestern and I was at Virginia, I'm not sure where else I'll go."

What position are you being recruited for?

"I have actually played mostly tight end on offense and defensive tackle and end on defense, I am being recruited as an offensive tackle."

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