Erie Prep star with ties to Hollywood

For those people who have watched martial arts movies or in the last couple of years the famous Tae-Bo commercials, they feature Billy Blanks who happens to be from Erie, PA.

In 2003 the nephew of Billy hopes to make a name for himself, DT Joe Blanks 6-3, 305 5.1 Erie Cathedral Prep. Blanks is often overshadowed by teammates and fellow division-1 prospects Andre Mathis and James Carson. But, as his coach Mike Mischler will tell you, "This kid is a sleeper, I think he will play somewhere."

Blanks is getting interest from Boston College, West Virginia, North Carolina, Penn State, Iowa, Michigan, and Pittsburgh.

Early favorites for the Blanks are West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, Pittsburgh, and Boston College.

Pitt Insider interview with DT Joe Blanks:

What team did you follow growing up?

"Miami University."

Do you play any other sports?

"I play basketball, but I couldn't play this year. I had surgery on my knee. I had a torn meniscus."

What are your max lifting weights?

"My max bench is 280. I haven't been able to squat due to the knee injury."

Who is your favorite player?

"Warren Sapp"

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

"I want to stay healthy, go as hard as I can all season long, and just be the best that I can."

When do you plan on deciding?

"Probably after the season."

Do you work out with Billy, are you into Tae-Bo?

"Billy is in California, but my uncle Willie has a studio here in Erie. I usually go there in the summer. It helps a lot with my quickness and foot work."

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