One Man's Thoughts: Part 3

<ul><li>Not to insult anyone, but Julius Page isn't one of the five best players in Pitt's history. He isn't even the best player on the current team. His importance is unquestioned, but importance doesn't necessarily translate to top quality.</li></ul>

  • As for Brandin Knight, he's currently one of the top five players in Pitt's history. Anyone that watched this player would realize this fact, but that doesn't mean Carl Krauser will not surpass him in two years. If he even stays that long.
  • Isn't it crazy that it took a guy like Yuri Demetris to finally solve the Hoya defense last week? Perhaps Yuri should be playing more, especially with Page and Brown gone next year.
  • Page is averaging 35.1 minutes per game. It would be great if Dixon could drop that down to about 33 minutes. It will keep Page from hitting a wall.
  • If Pitt isn't careful, the Providence Friars will go ahead and steal the #1 seed in the Big East tournament. As it shapes up, the Panthers' visit to the "Dunkin' Donuts Arena" will decide who is the regular season champion.
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen. Both Louisville and Cincinnati were ranked inside the Top-10 just a few weeks ago. Now, both are in danger of falling out of the Top-25.
  • Sorry Coach Few, but Gonzaga won't get a number seed unless Pitt completely implodes down the stretch as well as Kentucky and Mississippi State.
  • After an impressive start, Antonio Graves is showing his freshman colors. He isn't finding his shot and he's a step behind on defense.
  • Mark McCarroll may have shown the reason why Ben Howland never played him often: inconsistency. McCarroll will pull a game like Georgia or Connecticut out of his hat, but then he'll turn around and make stupid turnovers or petty fouls in the next game.
  • According to Joe Lunardi, margin of victory is in no way criteria for seeding purposes. That's good to know. Especially as the Panthers will undoubtedly have to gut out a win or two in the Big East tournament.
  • The Panthers will not fall as far as a #3 seed in the tournament, so right now we're looking at a possible #1 or #2 seed. If the Panthers win at Providence on Tuesday, a #1 seed would be locked up. No doubt about it. The Panthers still lack that impressive road win against a highly ranked opponent. It's what killed them last season when the committee selected their seed. It's what could kill them again this season.
  • There is little doubt that saying goodbye to Virginia Tech, Boston College and Miami will have little effect on the Big East basketball. In fact I say good riddance, go and dilute the ACC.
  • Can I go ahead and pick Stanford versus Duke for the title? Okay, not just yet. But, I will say Stanford, Duke, Pitt and Gonzaga could all see Final Four action, but don't quote me on that…yet.

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