One of PA's biggest stars hoping for a chance

The person who may be the best high school player in PA may have a hard time finding a major college to play for when he graduates. And if he does, he plans on making those that passed on him pay.

Eugene Jarvis from Pittsburgh Central Catholic is probably the best high school player the school has seen since Dan Marino. And that includes current St. Louis Rams All-Pro QB Marc Bulger.

Already a legend in the Pittsburgh area, Jarvis ran for 1,683 yards last season while accumulating 39 TD's. And this was against WPIAL Quad A competition, considered one of the most competitive in the country.

He also proved to be a winner, taking his team all the way to the PA state championship game. In the WPIAL championship game against previously undefeated Upper St. Clair, all Jarvis did was run for three touchdowns on only 12 carries, catch a 53-yard TD, and return a punt in spectacular fashion for 89 yards and another touchdown.

Blessed with 4.4 speed, great hands, and even better feet, Jarvis drew comparisons to Barry Sanders and ewws and ahhhs from every fan, player, and coach that saw him play.

He was also named to every all-star team and was named Player of the Year in the Pittsburgh area by every media outlet. So why, with all this amazing skill, will Jarvis have to struggle to get noticed?

"I'm 5'6" and 160 pounds," says the dynamo. "Right now I am only getting questionnaires. Not a lot of letters yet. I just hope that somebody will look past my physical stature and take a chance on me."

While Jarvis just wants a chance, he does have an idea of some places he would like to play.

"I'd like to play in the ACC or the Big Ten," says Jarvis. "I'd like to play with Marcus Vick."

Virginia Tech becomes even more of a possibility when Jarvis says that his dad lives in Virginia and he would like him to play down there. But Jarvis mentions other possibilities, too, singling out Iowa, Michigan, Georgia, Pittsburgh, Penn State, and West Virginia.

Jarvis, who has a 2.6 GPA, is also considering camping at Michigan and Iowa and is trying to get an invite to the Nike Combine at Penn State in May. He thinks it will be a golden opportunity to get noticed. As if being the most exciting player in the state was not enough.

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