The best is yet to come for one PA lineman

At this time of the year, colleges look for high school juniors who have the potential to be something special. They look at the player's frame, speed, strength, and other intangibles to see if he has a lot of room to grow. One PA star has that room and is planning on reaching every bit of his potential.

Adam Pritts from Butler (PA) HS is 6'5" and 250 pounds, but that is just his starting point. His weight has been kept down due to wrestling season where Pritts is a star, amassing a 31-4 record in the heavyweight division. Included in the gaudy record is the fact that Pritts had 21 pins as a junior, breaking the school record for the second year in a row. He also had the fastest pin, in 8 seconds, on his way to finishing second in his section and fourth in the WPIAL. But Pritts plans on getting bigger for football and has the frame to do it.

"I want to get to 280 by the time the season starts," says Pritts, who will work with a dietician to get there. "I will be eating four times a day and also be working out for an hour and a half a day."

To improve himself even more, Pritts will also attend the F.A.S.T Camp, not far from Butler.

"It stands for footwork agility speed training," says Pritts, who currently runs a 5.0 40. "I know a guy that lost two tenths off his 40 time going there and that's what I want to do, too."

So now you can see why schools like Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Iowa, Boston College, Tennessee, Syracuse, Maryland, and Wisconsin are currently recruiting Pritts. This 6'5" 250 pound lineman with 5.0 speed is working to make himself a 6'5" 280 pound lineman with 4.8 speed, and thus moving himself into the elite category. And, oh yeah, he also has a 3.36 GPA and arms so long they practically touch the ground.

Pritts says he isn't sure yet if the schools recruiting him want him to be an offensive tackle or a defensive tackle, but he prefers defense.

Pritts has already unofficially visited Ohio State and loved it. "The facilities and campus are top of the line," says Pritts. "The coaches were great and they really care about their players there."

Penn State is also very interested in Pritts according to Butler coach Garry Cathell who says, "Joe Paterno was in to see Nate Hartung and saw Adam and immediately asked who he was."

Pritts wants to visit Penn State unofficially, too, and has them and Ohio State at the top of his list, followed by Syracuse, Iowa, and Tennessee.

"I'd like to stay relatively close to home. Close enough that I can come home without too much trouble," says Pritts, who hasn't ruled out the closest program, Pittsburgh.

"I'd definitely consider playing for them. But my mother really wouldn't like me in the city too much," says Pritts. "I haven't heard from them, though."

Coach Cathell says Pittsburgh just recently asked for tape for all three of Butler's Division 1 prospects. Whoever ends up with Pritts is going to get a very good player. And clearly a player that only wants to get better.

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