Johnstown RB gets the offer he's been waiting for

Johnstown, PA – Although he won't commit just yet and insists he likes all the teams evenly, RB LaRod Stephens, 5-8, 165 Greater Johnstown High School, was offered a scholarship by his favorite college team today.

LaRod Stephens attended the University of Pittsburgh Junior Day and was offered a scholarship by Coach Walt Harris. LaRod was also offered a scholarship by Penn State University and Coach Paterno on Tuesday. But you could hear the excitement in his voice when he was talking about the offer from Coach Harris.

How did they offer?

"I was signing in and Coach Harris met me right away; he then got a phone call and had to step away. Coach Bray came up and introduced himself, then coach Harris came back and took me to his office. There was a jersey with my name on it and coach offered me a scholarship to attend Pitt."

So LaRod, how does it feel to get the offer you've wanted?

"It's great but I'm going to take some time and think things over before I decide."

Who are your favorites right now?

"Pittsburgh is first, then Maryland, and Penn State."

How was the Junior Day program at Pittsburgh?

"The facilities are among the best in college football, we ate, the food was good, and then we watched the basketball game."

Knowing you're not a basketball fan, how did you like that?

"It was alright, they started out slow but they came back."

But you would rather watch wrestling?

"I'm watching the state championships on TV right now."

What's next on the menu for you, LaRod?

"I'm working out, getting ready for the Nike Combine. I will also be playing outfield for the baseball team and I'll be running track."

Congratulations LaRod, I'm glad you got the one you've been waiting for.

"Thank you"

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