Transfer looking to make an impact at Buchtel

Akron-Buchtel head coach Claude Brown grew up in Canton, Ohio. Now one of his childhood friends has a son who will be playing for Brown and the fighting Griffins at Buchtel.<br><br> Canton - McKinley has several Division 1 prospects this season but one of them will be playing for Buchtel this season.

Defensive tackle Carlos Parrish, 6-1, 285, 5.2 with a 400 lb. bench press and a 565 lb. squat, will be the anchor of the Buchtel defensive line this season.

Coach Brown describes him as a very strong kid who is a pure run stuffer.

"He is so strong; he can bench 275 lbs. 14 times."

Right now Parrish isn't receiving a lot of attention, but that could very well change. Pittsburgh, Purdue, Kansas, and South Carolina have shown the most interest in Carlos. His favorites right now include Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Kansas, Purdue, and Michigan State. Does any one school have an edge?

"Pittsburgh is my favorite right now, I went to their junior day March 6th and it was a great trip."

Parrish had 50 tackles and 12 sacks last season at McKinley. Obviously Carlos is very strong, but how does he play the game?

"I play at full speed all the time, I am emotional and I play with a lot of heart."

With his teammates Bryan Williams and Cyrus Kersey being recruited by some of the same schools, is there any interest in the three of them playing in college together?

"That is a definite possibility, right now. I'd say we all like the same school."

"When we went to Pittsburgh the three of us discussed it, along with my former teammate at McKinley Brad Jones, what it would be like for us to all go to the same place and play together."

Parrish plans on camping at Pittsburgh and has also been invited to Kansas, he is not sure if he will be making that trip. He does know that when the right offer comes along he'll take it.

"If I get the one I want, I'll more than likely verbal early."

Akron-Buchtel should be very formidable this season.

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