Pitt Un-awarded #3 Seed

ESPN said all week that "It's like history repeating." Well at least that's partially true for the Pittsburgh Panthers. A 29 – 4 record, a Big East regular season championship and a top-10 ranking translate improbably and disrespectfully to another #3 seed for one of the top powerhouse programs in the country.

But, Pitt fans it doesn't end there. Not only does Pitt play in Milwaukee Wisconsin (against the University of Central Florida), but they also have a potential second round match-up with Wisconsin.

This is the second year in a row the Panthers have been, for lack of a better word, "screwed" by the committee. Oliver Stone would have a field day with all of the conspiracies that this tournament schedule is laden with.

Mississippi State, failing to advance beyond the quarterfinals of their tournament, apparently had no effect on the Bulldogs' #2 seed.

Wisconsin trounced Illinois in their Big Ten championship game, but are rewarded with a weaker seed than Illinois.

Gonzaga, after playing a schedule filled with no-names, gets a #2 seed.

St. Joseph's, also playing a weak schedule, receives a #1 seed over Oklahoma State.

Regardless, the Panthers have quite possibly the most difficult road of any contender to reach the Final Four. And in the most remarkable year for the Pittsburgh program, the rewards are rather unremarkable and downright ridiculous.

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