One Man's Thoughts: Opening Rounds Edition

I was going to make a statement that all of the pretenders to the crown lost this weekend and then Kentucky suffered its worst tournament upset in recent memory. Tubby Smith teams never get out-played this early in the tournament. Right?

As for the other pretenders, when Ronny Turiaf of Gonzaga picked up his third foul, you could tell the Zags were done. Nevada to their credit took the Zags' run in the second half and still kept a 9 – 11 point lead throughout the half. Gonzaga got bit by a team that shot almost 50 percent from the three point range.

Speaking of shooting the lights out, Xavier shot 68 percent from the 3-point range. That won't happen again, but the Musketeers will be a load for Texas to handle.

Even though Andy Katz astutely points out that Syracuse now has an easy path to the Elite 8, they'll have a ton of trouble with Alabama. The Tide have amazing quickness and are playing on cloud nine.

After watching both Providence and Florida drop the ball in their conference tournaments, was it any surprise that they were upset in the first round? In the case of Florida, no. But Providence is a surprise, especially with their so-called All American Ryan Gomes. Where was he down the stretch?

St. Joe's won't beat Wake Forest.

In fact, the winner of Pitt and Oklahoma State will end up in the Final Four.

My brackets are a mess whack now that Kentucky is out, but my East Rutherford bracket is perfect.

Most overrated game of the first round: Dayton vs. DePaul. If either of these schools could have hit a free throw down the stretch the game ends before midnight.

Worst played game of the first round: Pitt vs. UCF. Ugly.

Best played game of the first round: Alabama vs. Southern Illinois.

Not surprising stat of the weekend: The Pac – 10 is out of the tournament.

Surprising stat of the weekend: The two SEC teams left aren't nicknamed the Bulldogs or Wildcats.

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