Attention picking up for one of PA's best backs

One of the best running backs in PA has not received any offers yet, but that is expected to change soon.<br><br> Steve Slaton of Conwell-Egan HS in Fairless Hills, PA says he received a letter the other day from Maryland stating an offer will come soon. It should be the first of many for the 5'11" 190 pound speedster. <br><br>

"My coach just sent out my tapes this past weekend," said Slaton. "Neither of us are used to this."

Slaton is referring to the voluminous amounts of mail and tape requests that he is getting. Hearing Slaton read off the list of top programs that send him mail daily reads like a who's who of the college football world. Some of those schools include Penn State, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, and Nebraska. He still hasn't heard from his favorite, though, but plans to send them a tape.

"I would really like to go to Miami," said Slaton. "I saw on some message boards where people say I would just be one of three or four excellent backs. But I think I can compete with those guys."

Hard to argue with a guy that combines track star speed and legs strong enough to squat 535 pounds. And Slaton is not egotistical when mentioning his favorite. He has great character and is very personable and intelligent.

Despite his love for Miami, Slaton says he is mainly looking at Maryland, Penn State, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. Ohio State and Iowa are new to Slaton's list. The Buckeyes have been showing stronger interest lately, and according to Slaton, Penn State is also turning up the heat.

"Penn State sent me a letter saying they would take me as running back or defensive back. But I prefer running back. They just said that they are very interested in me."

And Slaton's thoughts on Penn State?

"I like them and all, but Miami is my favorite team," Slaton stated again.

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