Ohio standout gains new respect for Pittsburgh

Canton, OH- Stand out WR prospect Brian Hartline (6-3, 175, 4.4) of Glen Oak High School had Pittsburgh in his top five. After Saturday, they have vaulted into his top three. Brian was invited to attend the University of Pittsburgh Blue Chip day on April 3rd. Due to a conflict with his track schedule he couldn't make it. He did, however, attend Pittsburgh's 2nd junior day on Saturday.

"Coach Harris pulled me and two others from Ohio onto the practice field. We got to stand right behind the huddle and watch the scrimmage. I got to talk to Walt and Coach Bryan Deal. Those guys are great. They really make you feel welcomed and that's not how I've felt at some other schools I've been to," said Brian Hartline.

Hartline has visited Ohio State and Michigan State. How does Pittsburgh compare to his other trips?

"I have to admit, when I heard that they shared facilities with the Steelers, I didn't like it. I'd prefer that they had their own. When I went on my tour it was the opposite of what I had expected. The facilities are separated, and it's not how I had thought it would be. The weight room is unbelievable. The facilities are as good if not better than any I have seen."

Pittsburgh was in your Top five. Has their position changed after your visit?

"Pittsburgh was in my top five, but they were very low, and my interest was low. This trip has put them at or near the top for me. Basically, there wasn't anything that I didn't like about it. The offense is suited for throwing the ball. As a receiver, you have to like that. They lack depth at the position. I really liked Walt Harris and the fact that he is the offensive coordinator as well as being the head coach."

Did you see anything during the scrimmage that stuck with you?

"The speed and power of the players is at a whole different level as compared to high school. When you are that close to the action, it really opens your eyes and shows you where you need to be at to compete at that level.

"I think I will be attending summer camp at Pittsburgh, the coaches really seem interested in me, and they want to see me first hand at their camp."

Brian will be attending the Nike Combine at Ohio State and may make the trip to Cincinnati for the MSL Combine.

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